Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Eden Mencap is governed by the Memorandums and Articles which is a document required under our incorporation as a charity.

Our vision, mission and values

This is our ethos – what motivates us to provide quality services and opportunities

Eden Mencap Society is the local partner of Royal Mencap we share their vision, mission and values and adopt these as our own.


A world where people with a learning disability are valued equally listened to and included. We want everyone to have the opportunity to achieve the things they want out of life.


** Being person centred – this means that the person with the learning disability is at the centre of what we do, fully involved and in control **

** Empowering, including and respecting all people **

** Challenging wrong ways of thinking about learning disability **

** Transforming lives **

** Being brave and developing new ideas **


** To empower and directly support more individuals to live fulfilled lives **

** To work at local level to change societies attitudes and culture **

** To work with others who provide opportunities to provide a full and fulfilling life **

The governance of Eden Mencap Society is performed by the board of Trustees.  At our Annual General Meeting (AGM) you can meet our trustees, we will also send out information about the Trustees and voting forms to all members before the AGM.